Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Social Impacts Of IT

Without IT in the work industry businesses would find it very hard to make a profit. The internet is by far the biggest source of income for most business. People can buy products on the internet and get the delivered straight to their door step. People can now also check there bank balance online.

People can socialise over the internet via many differnt social websites like Facebook and Twitter. Music producers can upload their music onto music websites like soundcloud and myspace. Videos can also be posted all over the interent on many differnent video hosting websites like youtube and ebaumsworld.

Unfortunately there is a downside to IT. Putting your personal information on the internet can be very dangerous. There are fake websites out on the internet which could be selling products. They will ask for your credit card details and steal them and fruduently use them by spending all your money. On social websites it is very offten that people will pretend to be someone or make up a fake identity which is also a frudulant act.

Some websites or downloadable files contain something called viruses. These are nasty files which can hack into your computer and steal your details, corrupt software and basicly break your computer.